Functional Pilates, mat & studio.

Functional Pilates, mat & studio.
TRE®: Tension & Stress Release Exercise.

How can Pilates and TRE® with Gill help you to move better & feel better?

Hello, I am Gill.
I offer you the reassurance of a clinical background,
20 years of teaching & personal journey of musculo- skeletal healthcare challenges. This helps me to really try to walk in your shoes …to better understand your  individual health, wellness and fitness challenges.

There is a relationship with how we move and how we feel …and healthy movement is more than just exercise. Multiple research studies demonstrate a correlation between movement & positive changes, or easing of symptoms, in both physical health & mental well-being.

Is this you?

I work with people with a variety of health, wellness & fitness challenges.
This includes muscle & joint problems, back pain, acute & chronic health conditions, mental health well-being, tension/stress relief & resilience building, injury or illness recovery, women’s health & lifes’ ongoing changes.

Are you seeking an enjoyable, safe, nurturing environment to help you improve your confidence, ability, connection & motivation to… move better, feel better?

Move better, feel better
Functional Pilates:
Mat & Studio equipment
Why Pilates?

Joint-friendly exercise, building strength from within…& so much more than a “strong core”.

Controlled, integrated movement designed to improve your ability to stabilise, strengthen, stretch & re-balance muscular recruitment patterns throughout the whole body …..helping you to feel stronger, healthier & fit to function in whatever you do.
Enjoy exploring your own postural & body awareness, alignment & integration, to build new habits & move with more efficiency, flow & ease.

Why Pilates with me?

* Functional & therapeutic focus; especially desirable if you have an injury, health condition or have been referred by a Healthcare Professional to do Pilates.

* Opportunity to benefit from both matwork & use spring- assisted Pilates apparatus; this adds variety, challenge or assistance to help you move with greater efficiency, flow & understanding.

* Personal and enjoyable sessions indivualised to your needs.

* Nurturing & motivating coaching: learn to feel confident to practice at home or join a larger class.

Could this be you or someone you know?

* muscle/ joint problems or back pain,

* acute and chronic health conditions,

*recovering from injury, surgery or illness,

*seeking improved mental well-being

* adapting to ongoing life’s changes (e.g menopause, pregnancy, ageing, loss)

Have you asked your teacher about the depth & breadth of their training?

The NHS website advises to consider the experience & quality of your teacher’s training, as well as personality & rapport. Experienced teachers will have undergone a minimum of 450 teacher training hours. The Pilates Foundation, with whom I trained, demand not only 450 training hours, but also 100 hours of supervised teaching practice.
Hopefully that is reassuring.

Move better, feel better
Tension & Stress Release
Why TRE®: an amazing, safe, simple, freely- accessible tool?

Stress not only affects your psychology or mind, but also affects your body’s physiology, getting stored in your body as tension.

TRE® is an amazing, safe, efficient, free, self-help tool to naturally shake off your everyday or accumulated tension, stress or trauma. Once learned & with regular practice, you will always have a way to help yourself feel calmer, relaxed, more resilient, improve your clarity of mind & move more freely.

How does TRE® work?

Simple exercises, devised by Dr David Berceli, safely induce your normal physiological shaking mechanism, an innate, but suppressed, reflex in all mammals including humans.
 We frequently see animals shaking after a fright to rid themselves of the stress chemicals released by the fright; but as humans we have taught ourselves that its not acceptable to tremor …& may have perceived it as a sign of weakness. the stress & tension are thus stored in our bodies and may wreak havoc.

Shaking works from deep inside to release tension from the body & mind, reboots the nervous system & naturally restores us to a more clear, calm, balanced & robust state. Welcome to your own personal, accessible reboot or inner massage!

Who can benefit: Is this you?

Since shaking is part of our natural human behaviour, everyone can benefit.

* Are someone who would like more patience with your family/work colleagues,

* a victim of violence or accident,

* longing for more peaceful sleep or better clarity of thought,

* living with PTSD, mental health challenges, chronic pain or anxiety

* seeking to complement your current exercise, sport or massage, reaching those stuck unreachable areas, facilitating greater freedom & flexibility of movement,

* or simply want to become more resilient, find more flow and just feel better about life at home or work.

Shaking is some of the oldest medicine on earth. Learn how to “shake it off” & “wake up your body” to help manage, or prevent, the impact of your life’s tensions & stresses ….and feel better.

Move better, feel better

Why Me?
How can I help you?

You will find the assurance of a sound clinical knowledge & ability to tailor sessions to your specific needs, with a compassionate, confidence -building and nurturing approach…to help you move better & feel better.

Feel reassured by my experience

* A clinical background with a degree in nursing.

* Comprehensive training in Pilates equipment. matwork & TRE®.

* 20 years teaching & coaching experience with Adult teaching qualifications.

* Passionate, compassionate and experienced in supporting people with a variety of health, wellness and fitness challenges.

* I have personal experience of living with chronic healthcare conditions, injuries, surgery and challenging life’s events, using Pilates & TRE® to continually help me move better & feel better.

* In my spare time I enjoy cycling, partner- dancing, hiking, travelling, cycle-leading & photography. Pilates & TRE helps me move better to enjoy these activities.

*Try both Pilates & TRE with me.

TRE can partner effectively with Pilates & other forms of exercise, to help create more efficient and flexible movement. Shakes & tremors act as an innate re-organisational reflex to release stress & re-balance tension, below the level of conscious control.
Working from the inside, TRE can thus help reach parts of the body that may be tense or “stuck,” working on the fascia as well as the muscles, to promote greater flow & freedom in body & mind.

Flexible & convenient sessions for Matwork & Studio Pilates or TRE®…or a combination!
* On-line or face to face.
* Group or individual (121) or coupl

Gill in Chicago by the docks practising Pilates

Don’t take my word for it …what do my clients think about working with me to move better & feel better?

“Her warm and friendly approach, combined with her depth of experience & medical knowledge, ensures she challenges me out of my comfort zone but always with sensitivity & kindness.
My doctor suggested I try Pilates again…& now after only six lessons I can already feel the difference. My body’s more flexible, stronger &my balance has improved.
I can’t recommend Gill highly enough.”
(Pilates client)

Well it was a really great 2 hours spent with you Gill! …
I definitely see this as a help to just about anyone who calls themselves human.
We all suffer therefore we should all shake!”
(TRE® client)

Nick, Pliates 121 Zoom client, following a car accident

Why else do my Pilates & TRE® clients say about working with me?

“I have been anxious about Pilates before. Been worried about hurting myself and aggravating my injury. Gill’s clear understanding, medical background and obvious ability to listen gave me renewed confidence.”

Pilates121 client

“Gill is an excellent instructor. Her instructions are clear and precise and she is able to help everyone in the class whatever their ability.”

Pilates group class

“I was convinced that I would not get the tremoring and was really surprised when it happened – particularly in a group setting. 

Gill created a really comfortable safe environment, which the group clearly benefitted from.

It is definitely something that I would consider doing in the future as talking therapy to relieve stress is not something that I feel works for me”

TRE® Group client

Contact me… to help you move better & feel better.

I will enjoy working with you to help you feel the benefit from Pilates & TRE® in your daily life.
Choose on-line or face to face sessions.

Do give me a call for a friendly exploratory chat .

Gill doing pilates scissors exercise